Science and Technical Advisory Committee

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APNEP's Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) provides scientific and technical guidance to the Partnership on measures to restore and protect the natural resources of the Albemarle-Pamlico region. Since its inception in 2004, the STAC has worked to enhance scientific communication and outreach throughout the region.

The STAC provides scientific and technical advice in various ways, including (1) technical reports and papers, (2) discussion groups, (3) assistance in organizing merit reviews of APNEP programs and projects, (4) technical conferences and workshops, and (5) service by STAC members on APNEP subcommittees and workgroups. The Committee also acts proactively to bring the most recent scientific information to APNEP and its partners.  As an APNEP advisory committee, two representatives from the STAC serve on the Leadership Council, and STAC representatives also consult with members of the Implementation Advisory Committee.

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STAC Members

Name Organization Phone Number Email Address
Paul Angermeier US Geological Survey, Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research 504-231-4501
W. Judson Kenworthy National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (Ret.) 252-646-9174
Carolyn Currin  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (ret.) 252-241-7237
Heather Jacobs Deck Sound Rivers 252-946-7211 ext 102
David Glenn NOAA National Weather Service, WFO Newport/Morehead City 252-223-2328
Donna Bilkovic Virginia Institute of Marine Science 804-684-7331
Lee Bodkin US Geological Survey, South Atlantic Water Science Center 919-571-4042
James "Bo" Dame Chowan University, Department of Biology 252-398-6261
Donald Field National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Center 252-728-8770
Joel Fodrie University of North Carolina Institute of Marine Sciences 252-726-6841 ext 149
Timothy Goodale Elizabeth City State University Department of Education 252-335-3767
David Hallac US National Park Service, Parks of Eastern North Carolina 252-475-9030
Jane Harrison North Carolina Sea Grant 919-513-0122
John Iiames U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research 919-541-3039
Peter Kalla U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Science & Ecosystems 706-355-8778
R. Wilson Laney North Carolina State University, Dept of Applied Ecology 919-515-5019
Rua Mordecai South Atlantic and Southeast Conservation Blueprint 919-707-0122
Daniel Obenour North Carolina State University, Dept. of Civil Engineering 919-515-7702
Hans Paerl University of North Carolina Institute of Marine Sciences 252-726-8641 ext 133


Jacob Petersen-Perlman East Carolina University 252-328-6082
Greg Taylor U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service Soil Survey 919-873-2170
G. Rich Whittecar Old Dominion University Department of Ocean, Earth 757-683-5197

Paul Cough US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Water (Ret.) 571-730-8508
John T. Walker US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research & Development 919-541-2288 walker.johnt@epa.gopv