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To promote stewardship of the Albemarle-Pamlico region's natural resources, APNEP supports a variety of educational programs and initiatives in our region. The region's inhabitants and visitors recognize its beauty and rich natural resources. Through targeted education and communications efforts, APNEP and its partners encourage citizens to reduce their environmental impacts and provide meaningful opportunities to restore the ecosystem. 

APNEP is committed to educating children and adults about the rich natural resources found throughout the Albemarle-Pamlico ecosystem, with the purpose of increasing knowledge of the ecosystem and equipping the region's citizens with the skills to effectively approach environmental issues.

NC Office of Environmental Education

The North Carolina Office of Environmental Education, part of the NC Department of Environmental Quality, maintains a comprehensive database of the environmental education centers, initiatives, and resources in the state, as well as offering formal and nonformal educators professional development opportunities through their Environmental Education Certification program. 

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Educator Links

Teacher Education and Professional Development

Teacher Education and Professional Development

Resource Who is it for? Details

APNEP Summer Teacher Institute; APNEP

Formal educators (K-12, Targeted grade level varies each year) Multi-day professional development workshop to introduce educators to hands-on, inquiry-based, and outdoor methods of teaching about North Carolina's natural resources.

Environmental Education Certification; N.C. Office of Environmental Education

Formal and informal educators. Encourages professional development in environmental education and acknowledges educators committed to environmental stewardship. 

N.C. Center for the Advancement of Teaching Professional Development Programs; NCCAT

Formal educators (K-12) NCCAT's instructional programs reflect the broad range of unique professional development topics for public school teachers and other educators. Challenging formats, combined with professional learning communities, shape the NCCAT offerings.

Wildlife & Educator Workshops; N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission

Formal and informal educators. These programs are led by staff instructors with the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission and are generally open to the public, free or for a nominal fee. They satisfy requirements for N.C. Environmental Education Certification.

Virginia Water Educators; VA Water Resources Research Center

Formal educators (K-12) This directory was assembled to strengthen and build the network of highly-trained educators throughout Virginia who support formal classroom teachers conducting successful Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences (MWEEs) at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. 

Educator Treks; N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences

Formal and informal educators. Get in the field and explore remarkable natural places across North Carolina and beyond, or join us for a workshop onsite. Return to your classroom with a sense of renewal and with practical ways to integrate the natural sciences into your teaching.

School Grounds' Workshops; N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences

Formal educators. Learn how to enhance the outdoor learning resources on your school grounds and how to incorporate them into all areas of your curriculum through one or more workshops held at your site.

Educators of Excellence Institutes; N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences

Educators (K-12) currently teaching science in North Carolina, or administrators, environmental educators, and university professors who work with these teachers.

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences created the Educators of Excellence Institutes to enable exemplary educators to experience the natural world in selected outstanding environments; increase the use of reflection and direct environmental experience in teaching; become inspired and recommitted to the teaching profession; and become a part of a statewide network of exceptional educators for continued support and learning.

Project-Based Learning Fellowship; N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences

K-8 Teachers The Project Based Learning (PBL) Fellowship provides a transformative experience for educators through immersive field work, ongoing mentoring, and gritty experiments with PBL best practices. Join the Museum and experienced PBL practitioners for a year-long fellowship or visit their blog to access PBL units created by Fellows.

N.C. Coastal Reserve & National Estuarine Research Reserve Event Calendar; NCCR & NERR (Eastern NC)

Formal and informal educators (K-12). Event calendar includes teacher workshops and public events located at and around the Rachel Carson Reserve in Beaufort, NC.

Sustainable Forestry Teacher's Experience; North Carolina Forestry Assocation

Formal educators (preK-12). Preference will be given to those that are involved with a science curriculum or demonstrate that subject matter is applicable to their students. Multi-day residential professional development workshop that demonstrates all elements of forestry in North Carolina. This program is designed to educate participants about forestry through presentations, tours, and hands on lesson plans. Educators are also provided the Project Learning Tree Curriculum; an award winning, multi-disciplinary environmental education program. 

Science House at CMAST; NC State University Center for Marine Sciences and Technology

Formal educators (K-12).  The Science House enhances K-12 STEAM education through hands-on, inquiry-based learning. Educational programs for teachers are provided, including: GLOBE Training/Certification, KidWind Training, Underwater Remote Operated Vehicle Training, Teacher Expeditions, Makey Makey Training, Vernier Probeware, Science and Literacy, Customized Local Workshops, Project-Based Education, Place-Based Education, and Citizen Science.


Outdoor and Environmental Education

Outdoor and Environmental Education


Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans


Useful Websites and Applications

Useful Websites and Applications


Classroom and Indoor Environmental Education

Classroom and Indoor Environmental Education

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