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To promote stewardship of the Albemarle-Pamlico region's natural resources, APNEP supports a variety of educational programs and initiatives in our region. The region's inhabitants and visitors recognize its beauty and rich natural resources. Through targeted education and communications efforts, APNEP and its partners encourage citizens to reduce their environmental impacts and provide meaningful opportunities to restore the ecosystem. 

APNEP is committed to educating children and adults about the rich natural resources found throughout the Albemarle-Pamlico ecosystem, with the purpose of increasing knowledge of the ecosystem and equipping the region's citizens with the skills to effectively approach environmental issues.

NC Office of Environmental Education

The North Carolina Office of Environmental Education, part of the NC Department of Environmental Quality, maintains a comprehensive database of the environmental education centers, initiatives, and resources in the state, as well as offering formal and nonformal educators professional development opportunities through their Environmental Education Certification program. 

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