Identification and Research

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To achieve its mission, APNEP and its partners must continually work to identify and assess trends in the regional ecosystem. This component also requires assessment of planning, management, and policy choices related to the ecosystem to ensure environmental progress. Comprehensive monitoring provides the information on which these assessments are based.

APNEP’s mission, structure, and ecosystem-based approach allows for broad-scale inquiries and research designed to support management efforts in the region. APNEP staff members work closely with the Science and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC), partner organizations, and project-specific contractors on diverse research initiatives. This network of professionals allows APNEP to consistently access and apply advanced scientific knowledge in areas of strategic interest to the program. Furthermore, natural resource managers, partner agencies and organizations, and other professionals commonly identify knowledge gaps, which if rectified could result in more robust management of the ecosystem’s natural resources.

2012-2022 Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan