APNEP is assisting state agencies, including the NC Department of Environmental Quality, NC Wildlife Resources Commission, and NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to advance North Carolina's Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) Management Plan. APNEP is facilitating meetings of the Plan's multiagency Steering Committee to discuss needed updates to the plan before its finalization, as well as a timeline for getting an updated ANS Management Plan approved at the state and federal level. The Plan's approval will facilitate the coordination of numerous state and federal agencies, as well as NGO's, to tackle management and outreach of North Carolina's aquatic invasive species. 

These efforts are integrated with those of APNEP's Invasive Species Action Team.

APNEP Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP) actions addressed:

  • A2.1: Facilitate the development of protocols and conduct rapid assessments to determine presence and potential threat of invasive species. 
  • B2.6: Minimize and rapidly respond to the introduction of invasive species through the development and implementation of integrated prevention and control strategies.
  • C3.1: Develop and refine integrated invasive species eradication and control strategies. 
  • D1.3: Coordinate outreach and engagement efforts regarding the impacts of invasive species.