Daniel Obenour

North Carolina State University, Dept. of Civil Engineering

Term: 2022-2025

Monitoring and Assessment Team Assignment: Water Resources

STAC Member Since: January 2017

Title: Assistant Professor

Department: Department of Civil, Construction, & Environmental Engineering

Organization: North Carolina State University

Education: PhD Natural Resources & Engineering, University of Michigan (2013); MS Environmental & Water Resources Engineering, University of Texas (2004); BS Civil Engineering, University of Akron (2002)

Primary Focus Area: Water quality assessment and modeling

Secondary Focus Area(s): Statistical modeling, watershed modeling,

Career Experiences: University of Texas (2003-2004) – GIS for water resources (e.g., Arc Hydro); Professional Consulting (2005-2009) – TMDL and watershed protection plan development, water quality and watershed modeling, nonpoint source control specification, water and wastewater infrastructure design; University of Michigan (2010-2014) – Modeling and forecasting eutrophicationrelated issues in the Gulf of Mexico and Great Lakes, geostatistical modeling, Bayesian modeling; NC State University (2015-present) - Modeling and forecasting eutrophicationrelated issues, monitoring and modeling of phytoplankton dynamics, watershed modeling, assessing stressors of biodiversity.