R. Wilson Laney

North Carolina State University, Dept of Applied Ecology

Term: 2021 - 2024

Action Team Assisgnment: Freshwater Habitats & Fish Passages

Monitoring and Assessment Team Assignment: Aquatic Fauna (Lead)

STAC Member Since: July 2004 (Founding Member)

Title(s): Adjunct Assistant Professor

Department(s): Department of Applied Ecology

Organization(s): North Carolina State University

Education: PhD Zoology (minor Marine Science), North Carolina State University (1981) MS Zoology (minor Marine Science), North Carolina State University (1973) BS Biology (minor Chemistry), Mars Hill College, North Carolina (1970)

Primary Focus Area: Diadromous fishes ecology, conservation and management

Secondary Focus Area(s): Aquatic habitat conservation and restoration, fish passage, herpetofaunal ecology/conservation

Career Experiences: National Science Foundation, Undergraduate Research Participant, NC State University (NCSU), Hybridization of Centrarchid Fishes (1969); Western North Carolina Regional Air Pollution Control Authority intern, Emergence Tipburn of White Pines (1970); National Science Foundation Graduate Traineeship, NCSU, Critical Thermal Maxima of Three Penaeid Shrimp Species (1970-1974); Teaching Assistant, Ichthyology, NCSU Department of Zoology (1975); Research Assistant, NCSU, Population Dynamics of Penaeid Shrimp in Two North Carolina Tidal Creeks (1975-1981); Research Associate, North Carolina Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, Fish Population and Morphology of Lake Ellis Simon and Little Lake, Carteret County, NC (1980); Research Associate, NC Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, Mark Retention and Mark-Recapture of glass-stage American Eels (1981); Fish and Wildlife Biologist and Senior Staff Biologist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), Division of Ecological Services, Section 404 Clean Water Act permit application reviews, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission hydropower license reviews, Federal Highway Administration project environmental reviews, pocosin wetlands biologist (all 1981-1991); American Association for the Advancement of Science, Environmental Science and Engineering Fellowship, Impact of Nationwide Permit No. 26 on Isolated and Headwater Wetlands Loss in NC (1989); Assistant South Atlantic Fisheries Coordinator (1991-2005), FWS, South Atlantic Fisheries Coordination Office, NC Striped Bass Study, many positions of technical service for Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission and South Atlantic Fishery Management Council; South Atlantic Fisheries Coordinator, FWS; represent USFWS SE Regional Director at ASMFC and on SAFMC (2005-2019); present position: Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Ecology, NCSU.