Greg Taylor

U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service Soil Survey

Term: 2023-2026

Monitoring and Assessment Team Assignment: Terrestrial Resources

STAC Member Since: November 2017

Title: Senior Regional Soil Scientist

Department: Southeast and Caribbean Soil Survey Regional Office

Organization: USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

Education: BS Agronomy (Plant Science with Soils Minor); Fort Valley State University, Georgia (1995)

Primary Focus Area: My passion is educating everyone I can on soils.  I believe that incorporating an understanding of soils into many of the issues our coastal areas are facing, could be the missing piece of the puzzle for restoration and wise management.

Secondary Focus Area(s): Co-Leader for Coastal Zone Soil Survey (CZSS).  A national focus team that works with partners and cooperators to assemble data, provide guidance and coordinate activities within coastal areas. As a Soil Scientist, for the Southeast Region, I also coordinate partnerships and projects related to soil survey from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Coastal Plain from Virginia to Louisiana.

Career Experiences: NRCS Soil Scientist mapping soils and delineating wetlands in northwest Georgia (1995-2000). Soil Consultant for development and wetland determinations (2000-2010).  Soil Survey Project Leader for NRCS Nacogdoches, Texas (2010-2012).  MLRA Soil Survey Office Leader, Richmond Hill, Georgia (2012-2014).  Senior Regional Soil Scientist, Raleigh, North Carolina (2014-present). Co-Lead for Coastal Zone Soil Survey (2016-Present). Principle boat specialist/instructor, subaqueous coring and sampling instructor, and leader of CZSS Committee for South Region of National Cooperative Soil Survey (2018-present).