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A research coordination network (RCN) has been focused on understanding saltwater intrusion and sea-level rise (SWISLR) as a whole. The primary goal of the SWISLR network is to build a connective intellectual network where new research and ideas can be supported and disseminated easily.

How a group of citizen scientists is working to preserve healthy waters and strengthen communities in northeastern North Carolina

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How the South Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative Selects Ecosystem Indicators for the Southeast

A mission and a vision

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The ebb and flow of water guides the rhythms of the natural world. Rivers and creeks swell with spring rainfall, life blooming along their banks. Small streams become inhospitable channels of rock and sand during the hot months of summer.

In 2016, NC Department of Environmental Quality’s Division of Coastal Management (DCM) commenced a five-year project to create a comprehensive resilience-building gui

The border between North Carolina and Virginia - a line that runs from east to west – seems logical when viewed on a map. But this straight line also divides five river basins, three of which – the Pasquotank, Roanoke, and Chowan - flow into Albemarle Sound.

How Did Hurricane Florence and Tropical Storm Michael Impact Living Shorelines?

How did Hurricane Florence and Tropical Storm Michael Impact Living Shorelines?

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