The Oyster Action Team is externally facilitated by the N.C. Coastal Federation, which has been actively involved in oyster restoration efforts since the late 1990’s. This action team consists of scientists, fishermen, agency personnel and NGOs working together to restore, protect and enhance the oyster populations within northeastern North Carolina.

Members participating with this team will pursue initiatives aligned with both the 2015 North Carolina Oyster Blueprint and APNEP’s Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP). APNEP’s oyster-related CCMP actions are as follows:

  • C5.1: Construct new oyster habitats.  Where conditions are optimal for oyster habitat, APNEP will fund the replanting of cultch material and seed oysters. APNEP will support the development of oyster sanctuaries and shellfish management areas to provide continued propagation of oysters.
    • Ouptuts: Oyster habitat restoration projects
    • Results: Increased oyster habitats, improved water quality, and ecological integrity
  • C5.2: Reduce the adverse impacts of harvests to existing oyster habitat. APNEP will support management efforts to prevent adverse oyster harvest practices. Existing reefs should be carefully managed to prevent further decline of oyster populations, and research should refine technologies and methods to support improved management of oysters in the future
    • Outputs: Recommendations for oyster harvest methods
    • Results: Continued oyster harvests and viable habitats
  • C5.3: Facilitate research to improve oyster restoration technologies and methods. APNEP will support the completion and update of shellfish habitat mapping efforts along the North Carolina coast. Research supported by APNEP will study conditions that support reef productivity, change analysis in oyster habitat shifts, and site selection and benefits of oyster sanctuaries. 
    • Outputs: Recommendations for oyster restoration
    • Results: Increased oyster habitats, improved water quality, and ecological integrity

For a more detailed explanation of how these actions contribute to an ecosystem-based approach, visit the APNEP’s CCMP.

APNEP staff support: 

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