Members participating with APNEP’s Decision Support Tools Action Team will pursue collaborative initiatives aligned with the following APNEP Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP) actions:

  • A1.1: Facilitate the mapping of significant ecological, bathymetric, geologic, demographic, and cultural features. In a dynamic natural and social environment, regional mapping efforts develop and maintain the timely information necessary to support environmental decision-making. It further provides one method by which management activities can be evaluated.
    • Outputs: Maps and GIS data
    • Results: Improved resource management decisions
  • A1.2: Facilitate the refinement and use of online conservation planning tools.  Providing accessible tools for informed decisions is critical for addressing human and ecosystem needs. Tools such as the North Carolina Conservation Planning Tool, the Green Growth Toolbox, and Strategic Habitat Areas support resource management decisions. Additionally, such tools can assist in addressing the potential impacts associated with a changing climate.
    • Outputs: Access to mapping, GIS data, conservation planning tools
    • Results: Improved resource management decisions
  • A2.2: Create and improve projections of land use and climate change related to impacts on the regional ecosystem.  Forecasting future potential impacts allows managers to undertake proactive measures and consider environmental management initiatives
    • Outputs: Climate change impact models; land use projections
    • Results: Information to support better resource management decisions
  • E2.1: Facilitate the design and content acquisition of a regional database based on partners’ data and informational needs.  A regional database will help ensure that environmental information will be integrated to support regional assessments and environmental decision-making
    • Outputs: Regional database that is comprehensive, current, and easily accessible
    • Results: More informed decisions based on current shared data
  • E2.2: Develop and maintain an online resource that clearly conveys the regional information in support of ecosystem-based management. In addition to creating a regional database, APNEP will work to make its contents easily and readily available for all who wish to use it.
    • Outputs: Data portal
    • Results: More informed decisions based on current shared data

For a more detailed explanation of these actions, APNEP’s CCMP can be found here.

APNEP staff support: Heather Jennings (primary)

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