Members participating with APNEP’s Invasive Species Action Team pursue collaborative initiatives aligned with the following APNEP Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP) actions:

  • A2.1: Facilitate the development of protocols and conduct rapid assessments to determine presence and potential threat of invasive species. Aquatic and terrestrial invasive species can cause significant ecological damage. The timely identification and assessment of invasive species threats can ultimately result in cost-effective managment if addressed before threshold levels are reached.
    • Outputs: Protocols and assessments
    • Results: Better information on presence and potential threat of invasive species
  • B2.6: Minimize and rapidly respond to the introduction of invasive species through the development and implementation of integrated prevention and control strategies. Management strategies include education of the public and actions to prevent introduction of invasive species. Existing populations of invasive species will be managed to prevent further encroachment into natural habitats.
    • Outputs: Coordinated invasive species prevention and control strategies
    • Results: Prevention of adverse impacts associated with invasive species
  • C3.1: Develop and refine integrated invasive species eradication and control strategies. Invasive species that adversely impact native populations must be systematically removed. A restoration strategy for habitats populated by invasive species will be comprehensive and consider the natural processes of all species within the ecosystem.
    • Outputs: Invasive species eradication and control strategies
    • Results: Improved ecological integrity
  • D1.3: Coordinate outreach and engagement efforts regarding the impacts of invasive species. Effective outreach and engagement is an important part of any integrated invasive species management effort. There are many ways citizens can help limit the spread of invasive species and informed volunteers caKevin Hartn report on the presence and spread of these organisms.
    • Outputs: Coordinated outreach and engagement programs
    • Results: Reduced introductions of and impacts from invasive species

APNEP staff support: Tim Ellis (primary), Dean Carpenter

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