Scientific and Policy Reports

These documents lay the groundwork for APNEP's structure, goals, and function, and include a variety of internal and external documents.

  • Annual Work Plans: Each year, APNEP creates a work plan to guide its funding and implementation activities for the year, as well as to report on the progress and success of past initiatives.
  • Executive Orders: APNEP's overall structure and function within its host agency is dictated by a series of Executive Orders from the North Carolina Governor. 
  • Memoranda of Agreement and Understanding: As needs arise, APNEP will coordinate or be a signatory of Memoranda of Agreement (MOA) or Understanding (MOU). 
  • US EPA Program Evaluation: As a part of the EPA's National Estuary Program, APNEP is evaluated every five years by the EPA, with recommendations given to improve the Partnership and ensure its continued success.
Edition Date
Metric Report: Extent of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation in High-Salinity Estuarine Waters 2021
2020 Shad in the Classroom Summary Report 2020
SAV-Water Quality Workshop Summary Report 2020
APNEP-Sea Grant Fellowship Final Report - Mollie Yacano 2020
2019 Shad in the Classroom Final Report 2019
2016 Fellow Stacy Zhang - Final Report 2019
Swim Guide Final Report 2018 2019
2018 APNEP Ecological Flows Evaluation 2018
2018 Shad in the Classroom Final Report 2018
2017 Shad in the Classroom Final Report 2017