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Expired Grant Opportunities

Here is a list of all of the past grant opportunities.

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2019 EPA Environmental Justice Small Grants

Friday, March 8, 2019
This program awards grants that support community-driven projects designed to engage, educate, and empower communities to better understand local environmental and public health issues and develop strategies for addressing those issues, building consensus in the community, and setting community prio

NFWF Resilient Communities Program RFP

Tuesday, February 19, 2019
This program is designed to help communities prepare for future environmental challenges by enhancing community capacity to plan and implement resiliency projects and improve the protections afforded by natural ecosystems by investing in green infrastructure and other measures.

Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission - Shellfish Aquaculture Research Consortia RFP

Friday, March 15, 2019
The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (Commission), in partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), is seeking proposals to form regionally focused research consortia that will address critical research needs surrounding shellfish aquaculture.

FY2019 319(h) Nonpoint Source Grant RFP

Friday, May 3, 2019
Proposals are now being solicited for projects that implement a DWR-approved watershed restoration plan to restore the water quality of waters impaired by nonpoint source (NPS) pollution. Approximately $1.2 million of federal funds are available for water quality restoration projects.

Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission - Sustainable Aquaculture RFP

Monday, April 15, 2019
The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (Commission), in partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), is seeking proposals to develop regional pilot projects in support of sustainable aquaculture.  Specifically, pilot programs should partner with industry to d

Duke Energy Powerful Communities: Storm Resiliency Grants

Saturday, June 15, 2019
After a year of record-setting weather events – from tornadoes and flooding to ice storms and hurricanes – these grants will help North Carolina communities increase their resiliency to these major weather events through advanced preparation and planning.

National Coastal Resilience Fund 2019 RFP

Monday, May 20, 2019
The request is for projects that restore, increase, and strengthen natural infrastructure — the landscapes that help absorb the impacts of storms and floods — to ultimately protect coastal communities and enhance fish and wildlife habitat.

FY2020 Atlantic Coastal Fish Habitat Partnership Applications

Friday, September 13, 2019
The Atlantic Coastal Fish Habitat Partnership (ACFHP) is requesting project applications to restore and conserve habitat necessary to support coastal, estuarine-dependent, and diadromous fish species along the U.S. Atlantic Coast.

Saltonstall-Kennedy Grant Program

Tuesday, July 30, 2019
NOAA Fisheries announces the FY20 Saltonstall-Kennedy Federal Funding Opportunity and invites applicants to submit pre-proposals by July 30, 2019. This year, the priority focus areas are: 1) Promotion, Development, and Marketing and 2) Science or Technology that Promotes Sustainable U.S.

NC Community Foundation Disaster Relief Fund (Ongoing)

Thursday, December 31, 2020
The NCCF Disaster Relief Fund supports nonprofit long-term recovery efforts and meets unmet needs in communities affected by Hurricane Florence.  Due to our commitment to supporting long-term recovery, there is no timeframe or competitive application process for grants.