Climate Resilience and Adaptation Initiatives

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Scientists have identified the Albemarle-Pamlico region as one of the country's most vulnerable areas to climate change and associated sea level rise.  In the coming years, coastal communities will increasingly consider adopting strategies to minimize the impacts of a changing climate to their residents and natural resources.  In particular, rising seas are expected to significantly impact the ecosystems which sustain many of the region's industries, including agriculture, forestry, fishing, development, and tourism. Furthermore, increased flooding and more severe coastal storms may cause considerable economic and emotional hardship to coastal residents.
The Albemarle-Pamlico National Estuary Partnership, in conjunction with its partner organizations, has a long history of working closely with coastal communities as they face these challenges.  In addition to supporting research and the development of tools and models to help resource managers make informed decisions, APNEP continues to dedicate resources and support towards connecting communities to the best available science and tools as they develop adaptation planning strategies. 

APNEP Initiatives & Resources

APNEP intiatives related to climate change, sea level rise, resilience and adaptation are aligned with the following APNEP Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP) actions.  Current and past iniatives can be found using the links below: 

State-Level Initiatives

APNEP is currently seeking to integrate and align CCMP related iniatives with state efforts in Virginia and North Carolina to address climate change and sea level rise outlined in the executive orders below:   

NC's Commitment to Address Climate Change & Clean Energy Economy (NC-EO80) 

Increasing V.A.'s Resilience to Sea Level Rise & Natural Hazards (VA-EO24)

APNEP actively participated in the NC Department of Environmental Quality Natural and Working Lands Stakeholder Group and in the development of Coastal Resiliency Regional Workshops and Summit held in 2019. These activities were tied to the development of the North Carolina Climate Risk Assessment and Resilience Plan, which was published in 2020 and required by Section 9 of NC EO80.

2020 North Carolina Risk Assessment and Resilience Plan

Climate Ready Estuaries

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As a National Estuary Program, APNEP is affiliated with the Environmental Protection Agency's Climate Ready Estuaries Initiative.  Past projects under this initative have engaged residents, elected officials, and other stakeholders in discussions regarding local and regional needs to address adapatation and resilience planning at the local level.  Projects have included mapping initiatives and water infrastructure risk analyses.  Learn more about past projects.