APNEP Leadership Council Meeting


Our August Leadership Council meeting will be hybrid (virtual and in-person). For those who wish to attend virtually, you can find the link to the meeting in the agenda and documents to review on the right side of this page. For those who would like to join in person, we will be meeting in DEQ Green Square Room 1210. 

We request that attendees review the carry over/legacy Objectives and Actions from the upcoming Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan updates prior to the meeting. The meeting will concentrate on the development of CCMP updates. We want to 1) confirm legacy items with council members, 2) discuss "Coastal Wetlands", and 3) discuss resilience/resiliency narrative as it applies to the programs updated CCMP. We also plan to provide status update on our BIL equity strategy and implementation plans for funding.

Please contact APNEP staff for any additional details.

Upcoming Leadership Council Meetings: October 13, 2023