APNEP Announces New Interactive Map of Past and Present Projects

Author: Kelsey Ellis, APNEP Communications and Outreach Specialist

APNEP is excited to announce that an interactive map of funded projects from 2012 through 2018 is now available on our website! Through this ArcGIS Online-based map, APNEP hopes to showcase the diverse and innovative projects we’ve funded throughout the watershed, as well as to provide our partners and the public with information about those initiatives.

Creation of this project map was the primary focus of APNEP’s 2018 Communications & GIS Summer Intern, Abigail Brewer. Abigail is currently pursuing a graduate degree in strategic communication with an emphasis in science communication from the UNC School of Media and Journalism. In addition to the project map, Abigail worked on an ESRI Storymap that will communicate the story of the Albemarle-Pamlico estuarine system. Stay tuned this fall as we roll out this Storymap! She will also be working with APNEP and the Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Team in 2018 and 2019 to develop an SAV communications plan for the general public.

Once they’ve navigated to the project map, users can click on any of the circular icons to view information about the funded project, including:

The five different icon designs represent the five components of APNEP’s CCMP: identify, protect, restore, engage, and monitor. Although many funded projects incorporate multiple components, they have been categorized according to their main focus in order to avoid duplication.

Moving forward, APNEP will continue to refine and improve this resource – upcoming plans include adding links to project reports, adding funded initiatives prior to 2012, and adding visuals such as photos and video!

See a way in which this resource could be improved? We welcome feedback; please email apnep@ncdenr.gov with your comments or questions.