Citizen Advisory Committee

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The Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) was re-established in 2022 and works with the Leadership Council on CCMP implementation and meaningful community engagement activities. Committee members serve as liaisons to citizens, agencies, tribes, and communities regarding environmental and natural resource management relevant to CCMP implementation. The Committee shall work to engage diverse communities and populations in its decisions and represent diverse perspectives within the Management Conference.

The CAC offers expertise and on-the-ground knowledge and experience from communities all throughout the Albemarle-Pamlico Estuary System. The membership of the Citizen Advisory Committee is broad-based and include leaders and experts in natural resource management interests within the Albemarle-Pamlico estuarine system: local governments; local or regional planning; environmental equity; commerce and industry; education; recreation; tourism; fishing or seafood industry; agriculture; forestry; military; tribal organizations; local, state, or national conservation organizations; soil and water conservation districts; finance; communications and media; local and state agencies; and federal agencies.

CAC Members

Name Organization Email Address
Candace Lowry N.C. Commission of Indian Affairs
Colleen Karl  Chowan Edenton Environmental Group
Heather Deck Sound Rivers
Holly White (LC Representative) NC Office of Recovery and Resilience
Karen Forget Lynnhaven River Now
Kay Winn Farmer (retired)
Lindsey Smart The Nature Conservancy / N.C. State University
Lora Eddy The Nature Conservancy
Marjorie Rayburn  N.C. Cooperative Extension (retired)
Pete Campbell U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (retired)
Roy Flanagan Virginia Tech University / V.A. Soil & Water Conservation District
Schumata Brown Town of Maysville
Spencer Bost Partnership for the Sounds
Tom Allen (LC Representative) Old Dominion University