Governance and Guiding Documents

These documents lay the groundwork for APNEP's structure, goals, and function, and include a variety of internal and external documents.

  • Annual Work Plans: Each year, APNEP creates a work plan to guide its funding and implementation activities for the year, as well as to report on the progress and success of past initiatives.
  • Executive Orders: APNEP's overall structure and function within its host agency is dictated by a series of Executive Orders from the North Carolina Governor. 
  • Memoranda of Agreement and Understanding: As needs arise, APNEP will coordinate or be a signatory of Memoranda of Agreement (MOA) or Understanding (MOU). 
  • US EPA Program Evaluation: As a part of the EPA's National Estuary Program, APNEP is evaluated every five years by the EPA, with recommendations given to improve the Partnership and ensure its continued success.
  • Year End Report: Each year, APNEP submits an annual year end report to EPA.