Past Identification and Research Projects (2012 - Present)

Project Name Primary Partner Year Status CCMP Actions APNEP Funding Project Description
Evaluation of Coastal Plain Ecological Flows ECU Coastal Water Resources Center 2017-2018 In Progress A3.3, D2.2, D3.1, E2.2 $18,435 Researchers studied coastal plain waterways in the APNEP region to develop recommended procedures that could be used for ecological flow data collection. Ecological flows are the amount of stream flow needed to maintain the ecological integrity of an aquatic river system. In addition to creating guidelines for data collection, researchers also compiled information regarding sources of flow, surface water and groundwater. This data included details about water quality and geomorphological data. Researchers compiled this information in a database.
North Carolina Aquatic Invasive Species Management Plan Coordination North Carolina Natural Heritage Program 2014-2015 Complete A2.1, B2.6, C3.1, D1.3 $1,000 Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) have detrimental environmental impacts, causing declines in native species, destruction of habitats, degradation of water quality, and introduction of harmful pathogens. Through the development of a plan for invasive species, strategies can be implemented to control the spread of ANS and their impact on the environment. APNEP provided funding to assist in the development of the ANS Management Plan, which describes priority aquatic nuisance species, detection and monitoring efforts, prevention strategies to address their introduction and spread, and efforts to reduce their impacts.
Support for Implementation of an Ecosystem-Based Management Comprehensive Conservation & Management Plan (CCMP) VIMS 2013-2014 Complete All $30,000 The Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences (VIMS) partnered with APNEP to lay the groundwork for incorporating elements of ecosystem-based management (EBM) into the Partnership's Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan.
Significant Natural Areas Inventory of the Brownwater River Floodplains North Carolina Natural Heritage Program 2012-2013 Complete A1.1, A1.2 $44,617 The goal of this project was to complete a survey started in 1990 in the Brownwater floodplains of the Albemarle and Pamlico Basins. In November and December 2013, survey sites remaining from the partially-complete survey were identified. Data was collected through a county-based approach. The surveys were completed on foot and by canoe/boat, taking into account significant natural areas along the Tar and Roanoke Rivers.This data was entered into a data management system to be used in GIS applications. State, federal and local governments will use the data for decision making.