Research Reports

Document Name
APES Status and Trends Report: Introduction and Background
APES Status and Trends Report: Summary
APES Status and Trends Report: Water Quality
APES Study Report
APNEP-Sea Grant Fellowship Final Report - Mollie Yacano
Bibliography of Hydrologic and Water Quality Investigations in or Near the AP Sounds Region
Biological and Chemical Assessments of Sediment Collected from 11 Locations in Pamlico Sound
Blue Crab, Callinectes sapidus, Hemocyanin Concentrations as an Indicator of Environmental Conditions in the AP Estuary
Characterization of Baseline Demographic Trends in the Year-Round and Recreational Populations in the AP Estuarine Study Area
Chowan River Basin NC Riparian Shoreline Assessment Report
Classification of Pamlico Sound Nursery Areas: Recommendations for Critical Habitat Criteria
Climate Ready Estuaries: A Blueprint for Change Report
Comparative Effects of Water-Column Nitrate Enrichment on Eelgrass, Shoal Grass, and Widgeon Grass
Data Management and Analysis System Data Requirements Document
Descriptions of Related Government Programs, Agencies, and Entities
Determining the Relationship Between Water Quality and Ulcerative Mycosis in Atlantic Menhaden
ECU_Coastal Ecological Flow Draft Report_5312023.pdf
Effects of Water Management and Land Use Practices on the Hydrology and Water Quality of the AP Region
Environmental Management Program for the Hampton Roads Virginia Portion of the Albemarle-Pamlico Estuarine Watershed
Environmental Management Strategies: Comparative Analysis and Selected Case Studies