David Glenn, Executive Board

NOAA National Weather Service, WFO Newport/Morehead City

Term: 2022 - 2025

Action Team Assignment: Decision Support Tools

Monitoring and Assessment Team Assignment: Air Resources

STAC Member Since: October 2018

Title: Meteorologist in Charge

Department: Weather Forecast Office, Newport/Morehead City

Organization: NOAA National Weather Service

Education: MS Geosciences (Operational Meteorology Concentration), Mississippi State University (2005) BA Geography (Minor Statistics, 2003)

Primary Focus Area: Meteorology, Decision Support Services

Secondary Focus Area(s): Coastal Change, Climatology

Career Experiences: David began his career with NOAA’s National Weather Service (NWS) in 2008 at the Portland, Maine, Weather Forecast Office (WFO). He was promoted to Forecaster in 2010 at the Newport/Morehead City WFO, and became the Science & Operations Officer in June 2016. David became the Meteorologist-In-Charge of the WFO in Newport/Morehead City in October 2018. David has worked in an operational forecast environment for more than a decade, through significant winter storms, hurricanes, and severe storms (thunderstorms and tornadoes). More recently, David has helped lead a team of forecasters and support staff at WFO Newport/Morehead City through several impactful hurricanes (e.g. Hermine, Matthew, Florence, and Michael) and winter storms (e.g. January and March 2018). David is also interested in the social science/communication side of weather forecasts, especially when it is related to low-probability, high-impact events.