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205(j) Water Quality Management Planning Grant

Friday, September 13, 2019

Through the Section 205(j) Grant program, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency provides states with funding to do water quality planning. North Carolina typically receives around $100,000 for competitive funding of water quality planning projects. These projects can involve identifying the nature, extent and cause of water quality problems or doing planning work to address those problems. Projects can include but are not limited to the development of EPA 9-Element Watershed Restoration Plans for a 12-digit or smaller USGS HUC, mapping stormwater infrastructure, conducting engineering designs for stormwater best management practices, and watershed assessments of pollutant sources.

205(j) grants are eligible to regional Councils of Government; COGs may partner with any public sector organization to implement projects. A match is preferred, but not required. Once contracted, projects can run for a maximum of 18 months. Funds are dispersed on a quarterly reimbursement basis, with any invoice to be accompanied by a report of the work performed. The request for proposals is released annually in summer and projects are selected in fall (2018 may see an earlier timeline than previous years.) 

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